Best of

You need to present an in-house or public event, show various highlights from an occasion you are organising, showcase your partnerships, etc. Whether it’s an ad hoc event or something that happens over a period of several months, we suggest you use a summary in pictures. This ‘best of’ format brings together the highlights of your event, along with the best images and a few sound clips from the participants (short interviews).


  • Before filming, we talk to you about the event in question, the spirit you want to get across, the target audience for the video and the way it is distributed. We make a note of the programme, the bits that you want to film, or not.
  • For the graphics, we recover elements that have already been developed so that they fit with the overall graphics for your event..
  • We plan to use one or more cameramen and produce a precise shooting plan depending on the size of the event and how simultaneous the actions are that need filming.


  • At the location, the cameramen are assigned in time and space so that they don’t miss any key sequences of your event. Using lightweight equipment so they can be mobile and flexible, they can also film high-quality illustrative images such as interviews.
  • If it’s a question of compiling recurrent events in a film, the images are logged as they are shot and gradually pre-edited. If it’s an unplanned event, editing is done as we go along, usually very quickly.
  • These stages are carried out in constant consultation with our client. Successive approvals enable the project to advance in keeping with the brief, costs and deadlines.