Illustrated interview

You need to let your staff have their say, get a manager’s message across, record what a director has to say. You want to showcase an event, a development, a policy. An illustrated interview enables you to communicate in a human, me-to-you, personal way.

Our method

  • We begin by talking to you about the people to interview, their aims and the idea that needs communicating.
  • We then draft the questions and the type of replies expected, working with you. If it is on the technical side, we also suggest involving a specialised journalist.
  • For the filming itself, we choose a location together that suits the message to be conveyed and that highlights your ideas. Ideally, this location should be light and uncluttered, with good perspective and no noise. If necessary, we will carry out a recce in advance.
  • We then set up one or more cameras. Alternating the shots of the person being interviewed enables us to intercut shots and made the edit ‘sing’. We decide with you whether the interview is to be ‘to camera’ or looking off-camera, with or without autocue, depending on your target audience and the purpose of your message. For the sound, we can use an HF Lavalier microphone, a boom or other system that suits the configuration.


  • To complete the interview, we may suggest filming the interviewee in the actual situation, location or event covered in the interview. Time-lapses, moving shots using a steadicam system (Ronin), close-up and so on. This variety of pictures will help enliven the subject by bringing tone, soul and style to your film. This may require a shoot of one or two days.


  • Depending on the length of your project, we suggest transcribing the interviews for a written selection or going directly to an initial edit.
  • Then come the stages of approval and any changes for post-production, which includes editing, calibration and sound mixing.
  • We may also suggest using graphics for the interviews. Keywords, dates and figures help punctuate the narrative. Animated visual animations or stick figures bring a technical and digital dimension to you film. We suggest art direction based on examples, then we can develop the style of your presentation in line with your graphics.