Motion design education

You need to present your business, explain a new concept, pitch (for) a project. Your business is on the abstract side and you don’t have any content you can use for video purposes, or you simply want to create a more dynamic medium. A presentation brought to life by motion design enables you to talk about your subject in a way that’s informative, simple and in the moment.

The concept

  • Stage one consists of us talking with you about the topic you want to deal with, the tone to adopt and world of graphics to develop. We then write the voiceover script for the video, either with you helping us or with the assistance of a journalist or copywriter. The script for the voiceover can then be translated into the language of your choice.
  • in stage two, we start working on the storyboard. The illustrator either searches for existing visual and pictograms or creates original storyboard drawings, depending on the budget for your film. The voiceover script provides the frame on which the storyboards will hang. Step by step, we approve with you the whole of the graphic narrative in static form, before animating it.
  • at the same time, we present a selection of music for you to think about and we start on casting for the voiceover. Depending on what you want, we will suggest a number of professional voices from our own stable or voiceovers, or else we will search for someone/something new: man, woman, vocal tone, rhythm and texture.

The animation

  • Once the storyboard has been approved, the motion designer can begin the animation stage. This is when the graphics come to life. Now you see them, now you don’t, transitions, typography: every element becomes part of the game, along with visual tricks and moving ideas - everything you need to serve the purpose of your message with clarity and richness. Once again, working closely with you enables us to polish the animation.
  • The video then goes on to its final stage: the sound design. The sounds seeks out sounds that are appropriate for your project, based on the art direction determined with the agency: do we need sounds that are more matt, brilliant, digital, instrumental, behind the scenes, or right there in the midst of the action? We’ll then blend the voiceover, the sound design and the music so that the levels are balanced and to harmonise the whole production. Your video in then coded to the required format and is ready for distribution.