Testimonial portrait

You want to shine the spotlight on your employees and have them be part of a shared project. You’re recruiting and want to develop your brand as an employer. You need to let people know about your areas of business and your partnerships through the personalities that front them. To do so, we suggest the testimonial portrait.


  • Unlike an interview, which aims simply to provide information, a portrait brings out the values of individuals through the personality of the woman or a man in front of the camera. By searching out authenticity, a filmed portrait allows room for emotion. This less formatted world of communication takes in certain parts of the video clip and the documentary and makes your message more special, more touching.
  • Before filming can begin, there’s an awful lot of work to do on the story itself. We conduct one or more conversations (over the phone or in person) so that we can talk to the person in depth about their experience, their habits, the pieces that go together to make up their personality. It’s all about establishing an individual identity for each testimonial and then rewriting it to create a unique story.
  • Then, based on our conversation(s), we produce a voiceover script that will determine the locations we want to use for the filming.


  • Each testimonial is recorded in two steps: one for the sound (a story told by the voiceover), the other for the picture (with the subject in his or her own environment) ; our aim is to offer the best possible conditions for the people who are going to open up to the camera, so that they can tell their story in complete freedom.
  • For the pictures, we look for spontaneous vision, truly moving images of the people who are speaking. We draw up a schedule that fits in with the way our personality uses their time, incorporating various situations from their everyday life, carefully selected for the purpose. We then focus special attention on what is happening in the moment itself, as well as on the surroundings that we are going to discover through the person being filmed.
  • we plan to use the smallest possible crew for the shoot, consisting of just the director and the cameraman. In addition to keeping costs under control, this filming structure creates conditions that promote the spontaneity of speech and mobility of picture we are looking for. By using a camera on a steadicam rig, we aim to capture the subject’s experiences with maximum authenticity, without compromising on aesthetics or quality.